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What the heck do I tweet?

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Now that school superintendents, principals, school PR practitioners and other school leaders are increasingly adopting social media, they’re asking, “What the heck do I tweet (or post)?” They need to get out of their role as administrators and get into the skin of their audience. What does their audience want to know? And, what are your goals for social media? Besides listening and engaging with your new friends and followers, here are some ideas for Facebook and Twitter content:

Think visually
1.  Take a photo of a teacher instructing with technology. 
“Students in Ms. Frizzle’s class are engaged in science and their new I-pads and that means more learning and higher  achievement.”
2. Showcase a service project. 
“Our students donated 10 bags of shoes to the homeless shelter this month.”
3. Highlight a school partnership. 
“Looks like flowers are springing up at Kennedy School thanks to our business partners who donated them.”

Create links back to District website
1. Link blog posts on your website. 
“A new post on our website answering questions about common core.”
2. Link to new photos on the web. 
“We just posted photos of a visit by a notable Young Adult Author. Check it out.”
3. Link to newsletter posting. 
“Our newsletter was just emailed to our parents and friends. Are you a subscriber?”

Link to newspaper stories
Link to stories or photos in the local news about the district. 
“We like this story about how our students are making gains on standardized tests.”

FYI posts
Post nuts and bolts info. 
1. “Registration is online-only this year and due at the end of the month. The good part: it’s saving us $2,500 a year in mailing costs.”
2. “Today’s an early dismissal day. It’s now time for our teachers to learn.” 

Create posts that celebrate what you observed or attended in the schools.
1. “The production of Alice in Wonderland was wonderful. They’re only 4th graders but what great talent!”
2. “Congrats to our retirees! 190 total years of exceptional work in education. Our community is proud of you.”

Capitalize on holidays, national observances, events and cultural happenings
“Happy Earth Day! Did you know we have a Recycling Club that recycles 150 pounds of paper each month?”
“It’s National Volunteer Week: We have the best volunteers and parents who support us every day!”

Create themes
Create a Friday Thank You Note theme or a Thursday share theme:
1. “Friday Thank you:  We are always grateful for the work of our PTA. Please consider getting involved.”
2. “Friday Thank You: It’s Board of Education member week. Be sure to thank board members who volunteer their time, energy and often their resources.”
3. “Thursday Share: Here are students enjoying PE. Getting the body working helps the mind too.” 
4. “Today’s Share: Here’s a great article about how parents can help students with math.”

Social media can also solve a problem. Attendance issue? Start a campaign with contests to get students back in the classroom. Parent involvement lacking? Create advisory boards and authentic work for volunteers. Social media can do so much more than be a bulletin board. 



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